Lesbian Watch

This weeks picks.

Chely Wright for the "Shiny and New" Category

I'm so glad she didn't shoot herself. And I bet she is too. She looks all happy and adorable in this pic. She's all out and proud on Oprah. I wonder if she is going to be on Ellen?

Kirsten Vangsness for the "I should've known" Category

As if I didn't smell the homo! I must be losing my edge.. Even that smile says "I'm a lesbian, a cheeky lesbian." I love Criminal Minds and I love Penelope Garcia and I love that Kirsten is a homo. The End.

..almost. Look at the cute! Kirsten and her gf Julie. :)

And The Award for "Out Bisexual, Closet Lesbian" A.K.A. Heteroflexible goes to.. Drew Barrymore.

Sure she's bisexual.. I believe her. I do!

Ok can she be any gayer? She's adorable.

But even as a kid I could smell the homo on her and Jodie Foster.

And people say being gay is a choice.. *LMAO and walks away*
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(no subject)

Spent the day with Grace and Ethan. Went shopping got him tons of stuff that he needed. Got back home and he had his bath. Grace had to sleep for work tonight so I had him after that till bedtime. Apparently other people have a hard time getting him to bed. I'm glad he didn't decide to test my resolve. That would have been unpleasant. But in the end I had no problem dealing with a 3 year old lol Took him to the bathroom, got his teeth brushed, read him a story, and put him to bed. Well I have to get up early tomorrow to get him ready for daycare in the morning. Have alot of errands to do tomorrow. Laundry, groceries.. good times.
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I have an issue. I freak out, panic, and become all anxiety ridden when my gf gets pissed with me. I think it's my fear of abandonment that makes me go off the deep end. It's like I'm afraid I'm gonna eventually say or do something that she is gonna get mad at me for and not get over it. I guess I just have to trust that she'll love me no matter what, it can be difficult however. I swear I feel like the man in the relationship, all clueless. I hate being clueless. Blah. Another lesson learned.

We went down to my parents place for Easter today and saw the family. Grace met my gramma. I told them we're engaged. Dad was really supportive which is great and makes me really happy. Mom had a no reaction reaction as she does with most things that she can't quite get her mind around. She is gonna struggle with her religion on the whole daughter/gay marriage issue but I hope in the end she can get over it and come to the wedding next year.

My heart breaks for my sister in law. I feel for her in what she is going through. I don't know if I would be as strong as her. I know she is really sad and that's completely understandable I just wish things were different. I am praying for her and my brother in their journey. I have faith God will bless them with what they want for themselves in this life. *sends hugs*
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I went crazy with the cleaning from about 1:40 am till now, 4:20am. I cleaned the fridge, the microwave and the dishes. I vacuumed the entire house plus the stairs. I swept the kitchen floor and then mopped it. I mopped the bathroom floor. I cleaned the toilet. I cleaned EVERYTHING. I need a shower. First it's time to relax and drink a Pepsi and watch an episode of Criminal Minds.

T.V. shows I'm caught up on:

Sparticus Blood & Sand
U.S. of Tara
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Good day

Today was a great day. My wonderful girlfriend took me out to dinner at the Foolish Chicken. Then she totally surprised me by taking us to get manicures and pedicures. I've never had either before. It was interesting. My nails look pretty lol Then we went and bought tons pf groceries. I love my gf so much. She is the best.
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If people only did their jobs..

Like the doctors secretary that was supposed to refer my girlfriend to a doctor she needs to see.. but didn't.

Like our landlord who still hasn't given us a copy of our signed lease which I needed by the 7th.

At least when I had a job I fucking did my job and earned the money I received.

People suck.
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Stolen from ekbewildered..

1: Type in "[your name] needs" in the Google search:
Lisa needs braces

2: Type in "[your name] looks" in Google search: ???

3: Type in "[your name] does" in Google search:
Lisa (Does It Hurt You?) Lyrics - Behind the bleachers

4: Type in "[your name] hates" in Google search:
Lisa hates you... | MySpace -

5: Type in "[your name] goes" or "..has gone" in Google search:
Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

6: Type in "[your name] loves" in Google search:
Lisa Love (born January 10, 1955 in Cincinnati, Ohio) is the Senior West Coast Editor of Vogue

7: Type in "[your name] eats" in Google search:
Lisa eats much Wasabi & swears a lot - sorry! (youtube video)

8: Type in "[your name] has" in Google search:
Moaning Lisa Has Seven Spots That Get Her Hot

9: Type in "[your name] wants" in Google search:
Back in skinny jeans: Inspiring Fit Week: Lisa wants to shed her ...
Lisa Wants to Talk to You - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

10:Type in "[your name] said" in Google search: (song Lisa said)

11:Type in "[your name] finds" in Google search:
Lisa the Skeptic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
During the excavations, Lisa finds a human skeleton with wings.

Lisa finds too many Lisa Simpson pages! :-P

12:Type in "[your name] smells like" in Google search:
Shocked Michelle - Looks Like Mona Lisa Smells Like Tuna Fish LYRICS

13:Type in "[your name] tastes" in Google search:

Of course since I'm Canadian I guess I'll never know what Lisa tastes.. stupid internet nazi's

14:Type in "[your name] weighs" in Google search:,853504

Lisa weighs the competition

15:Type in "[your names] thinks" in Google search:

Some teenagers blog
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